Monday, October 31, 2011

Marlon Brando The Godfather

Here is painting I just finished of Marlon Brando from his most memorable performance as The Godfather.

This is an oil painting that. I am still using acrylics but this painting was left unfinished and I finally got the time to finish it. It measures 50x60cm any comments would be appreciated as usual.


  1. wow this is so awesome... i cant imagine u get the skin tones right... i used to try to draw from a coloured reference photo using graphite pencils and it never worked properly... how long do u spend on each piece...

  2. Every piece is different but could be anywhere from 20-40 hours oils are usually a bit slower. But for some of my bigger pieces I have spent anything up to 80-100 hours. for the skins tones just keep a simple pallette and dont use too much black and white. also use ivory black for darkening colors as opposed to mars black or lamp black

  3. oh thats something i didnt know about the ivory black...