Friday, April 22, 2011

Eimear Oil Painting

Here is one of my latest Oil paintings 'Eimear' its quite big 71x91cm . I took the reference photographs myself. I really wanted to capture the photograph more so than the portrait. I was trying to paint the photo as much as the person and work with the in focus and out of focus that was captured by the camera. I am really happy with this piece and this is the kinda of work I love to do. It is very time consuming but I hope to do another one soon possibly a self portrait. any comments would be appreciated as usual.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Luke Kelly, Ronnie Drew, The Dubliners

Here is an oil painting I just finished of Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew from the Dubliners. This a bit different to alot of my usual black and whites its more sepia tones and I think it works really well for this one.

I did this painting for 2 good friends of mine its about 12 months over due at this stage but hopefully it was worth the wait any comments would be appreciated as usual.