Friday, September 16, 2011

Manchester united legend Eric Cantona

Here is two new acrylic paintings of Manchester united legend Eric Cantona. I really enjoyed doing these two paintings and introducing a lot of color into my work.

I am sticking with the acrylics for now as I like the direction there taking me, especially with my last few paintings, Boy Dylan and Dave Grohl, my work is starting to get much looser and I am enjoying it a lot more! dave


  1. these are fantastic David. the detail in the clothing is great. how did u manage to get the skin tones so spot on... really really impressive.

  2. thanks very much bridie I am glad you like it. I kept the pallette fairly simple for the skin tones didnt want to over complicate it and I am happy with how it turned out looking to more similar work its great working with color
    thanks again

  3. Is it possible to purchase that?