Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Mr Cool" Lenny Kravitz 71x91cm

Here is my latest painting, its my first painted caricature and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I had been sketching the idea out for weeks and I eventually got the sketch to the stage I was happy enough with and I started working it onto a canvas and I think it developed as the painting went on. I really enjoyed doing this kinda portrait and hope to do more like it in the future I think I get to put more of myself into this kind of work and its not as tight as my typical portraits. If you look at the sunglasses you can see the reflection of the Newyork skyline where Lenny Kravitz is from. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


  1. looks great David. Do you show your work anywhere in Dublin?

  2. hey barry thanks
    Yeah my work is on show in the bad art gallery on francis street I had a solo show there a couple months back and have been in the gallery for about a year and a half now

  3. Really brilliant, for a first painted caricature it is a big success!!
    (Here is an additional reason to put you in link on my blog)
    Congratulations for all works.

  4. Thanks for the comments grand glad you like it.
    I have also stuck you up on my blog great work by the way!!

  5. Hi, David,
    I think you didn't see my last post (yesterday).
    I hope you'll enjoy it.
    Congrats, again !