Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Is She Crying

Here is my latest painting, a little different from my portraits but I really enjoyed doing this one it was interesting working with the areas in focus and the areas out of focus and putting together the complete painting, any comments or critiques would be appreciated as usual, thanks!


  1. I have no answer but I can say that your work is very great because it is "talking to me " and I'm trying to understand her.
    The skin is so good painted !
    I love your drawing, congratulations !

  2. Very nice David, nice to see something different. Was the scar deliberate? Also the tear looks a little like a condom, but that could be just my dirty mind!

  3. Thanks guys glad you like it.
    Ha ha Niall now that you say it..... lol.
    Yeah the scar was deliberate.

  4. I like very much, especially the scar ! Great piece again !

  5. Hi David !
    I've posted this one because I love it so !
    I wish for you a lot of visits and maybe another follower.
    Best regards.